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Winner of the [D3] contest at imm cologne

german designer ruben beckers has developed ‘kleinergleich5’ (less than or equal to 5), the lightest wooden table in the world. a winner of the [D3] contest at imm cologne 2014, the project features an intricate grid-like design beneath the surface to ensure a high structural load-bearing capacity. weighing half as much as benjamin hubert’s ripple table at 4.5 kilograms, the table uses layers and strips of wood for its construction, exponentially minimizing its weight. the legs are slotted directly into the voids within the underside, eliminating the need for a table skirt that traditionally acts as a stabilizer for all four corners.

Quelle: https://www.designboom.com/design/ruben-beckers-designs-the-worlds-lightest-wooden-table-01-17-2014/